Vacation Rental Investing

  One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen investors make over the years is not fully understanding the full costs associated with purchasing a vacation rental, and optimizing the property to attract top revenue in the market. Our team will help craft a personalized guideline assist you in finding the best vacation rental investment for your budget. We’ll provide  a certified revenue analysis throughout your search and review the true cost of ownership, including all expenses that realtors and sellers may not necessarily discuss. By providing a comprehensive breakdown of costs, we help investors make informed decisions and avoid unexpected financial burdens.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with you, and your realtor throughout the search process to assist in finding properties in high-demand neighborhoods that align with your budget. We also review each potential properties current costs, actual historical revenue performance. Additionally our team will provide local insight on any property optimization potential, or enhancements to capitalize bookings.

We work with investors to create a plan to enhance the property’s theming and decorations to create a property that will stand-out from the crowd. By focusing on creating a unique and appealing rental experience, we help investors attract more guests and increase their rental income. Our tailored strategies aim to optimize the property’s appeal and profitability in the competitive vacation rental market.

Budget & Location Review

Schedule a free consultation with our team. We will review your budget and review our recommendations for vacations rental communities, and property types to help you and your realtor narrow the search for the perfect vacation rental investment.

Analyze Potential Properties

Our team will review any potential properties historical, and future revenue capacity. We compare the revenue against the estimated operating costs of the property and even your specific purchasing terms. The result is a tailored report to determine the potential cash flow, appreciation, and overall ROI for your investment. that will help you make educated decisions during the purchasing process. 

Property Optimization

To maximize your potential revenue our team will help optimize the property. From the ideal sleeping capacity, to furnishings, and enhancements to make your property needs stand out from the crowd. The team at Lavish Keys can craft that unique experience and theming in high guest demand. 

Maximize Your Rental Income