Our Story

The story of Lavish Keys is rooted in the passion and experience of our founder, Jean, who spent over a decade in the hotel industry and served as a National Director for a prominent vacation rental company. During this time, Jean witnessed the rapid growth and evolution of the vacation rental industry, which became the preferred choice for travelers worldwide.

However, as the industry expanded, many companies began to prioritize standardization and a remote, impersonal approach. The focus shifted towards maximizing efficiency by reducing labor and managing a large number of properties. Unfortunately, this resulted in a decline in the guest and owner experience.

Recognizing the need for a more personalized and locally operated approach, Jean embarked on a mission to create Lavish Keys. Our goal to establish a team of area experts dedicated to providing a luxury boutique experience for our valued homeowners and guests.

With Lavish Keys, homeowners can trust that their properties are in the hands of experts who understand the local market. Guests can expect a truly boutique experience, with our local concierge team ready to help you achieve an exceptional experience.



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