Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

This Short-Term Vacation Rental Agreement (the “Agreement”), effective upon booking between Stay Nara LLC “Lavish Keys”, herein after referred to “Agent” and Occupant(s), Guest(s) herein after referred to as Renter(s). 

Vacation Rental Property

The Agent by and through Property Owner as Property Owners Independent Contractor, agrees to rent to the Renter(s), a vacation property hereinafter referred to as “Vacation Rental Premises”. 


The total number of occupants for this rental will be no more than the maximum persons allowed. If it is determined by the Agent that the number of overnight guests exceeds those listed under this agreement, Renter agrees that, in the sole discretion of Agent a forfeiture of the rental amount as well as additional fees may be charged to the Renter as permitted by law. Furthermore, misrepresentation, fraud or any material breach of the terms of this agreement will result in the immediate termination of this Agreement as well as expedited eviction without refund as permitted by law. The Renter(s) and the Occupant’s registered is/are the only person(s) permitted to occupy the Vacation Rental Premises. All children must be always under direct adult supervision. Renter(s) and Occupant’s expressly agree and understand that this short-term rental confers no rights as a tenant upon Renter(s) or Occupants of the rented premises. Relationship of the Parties. It is specifically agreed and understood that the relationship between the parties herein shall be deemed to be of proprietor and lodger or Guest as opposed to a relationship of landlord/tenant. 

Reservation Period: 

Arrival is no earlier than 5pm.Departure is no later than 10am. Early check in or late departure is not allowed unless arranged and agreed to by both parties. All guests and occupants must completely vacate the premises at the time specified. Any delay in check-out may result in the Guest(s) being charged additional monies. At the end of the reservation period the Vacation Rental Premises must be left in the same condition or better than it was at the commencement of the reservation period. Renter must remove ALL personal property. If the premises require cleaning beyond what would be considered normal and reasonable, the Renter may be responsible for an excess cleaning charge as permitted by law. If renter fails to depart on time a late checkout fee of $150.00 per each hour will automatically be charged unless a later time is agreed by Agent. 

Payment Security Card on File: 

A valid must card be authorized prior to arrival. This card will be stored by Agent and used at Agents discretion to cover any incidental, or other costs associated with the reservation if needed. By accepting this reservation, you agree to provide Agent a valid Credit Card, and/or Debit Card. Pre-paid cards are not permitted. You give us express permission to debit your card as necessary to cover the any balance owed in regard to your reservation, or any fees associated with your reservation balance. If booking through a third party such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia or others you give us the express permission to debit your card on file for up to ninety (90) days for any balance unpaid by such channel. Any Refund not directly approved by Agent and provided via a third-party site such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia or other channels will be considered a violation of the terms of this agreement. You give Agent the express permission to charge the card on file for any balance not approved in writing directly by agent plus a $100.00 fee per occurrence. Agent may place an authorization hold up to 100% of the total reservation for the duration of reservation beginning 72 hours prior to arrival. No arrival information will be sent until Payment Security Card on File is complete. 

Payment Schedule:  

Renter agrees to submit a non-refundable deposit no less than 25% of the rental amount at the time of booking.  Renter agrees to submit the full payment no less than 60 days prior to arrival. Agent has express permission to charge the “Card on File” in accordance with the Payment Schedule.Renter agrees it is the Renters responsibility to ensure the full payment balance is received by Agent regardless if renter has booked the reservation directly with agent, or through a site such as Airbnb, or any other booking channel. Renter agrees Agent may use the Card on File to cover any balances owed to Agent after the departure date. 

Damage Waiver: 

The Damage Waiver of $65.00 is nonrefundable and is required for this rental.The Damage Waiver is intended to cover the cost of any accidental damage in up to the amount of $500.00. Any negligent or damage exceeding the coverage of the Damage Waiver will be the responsibility of the Renter. Agent reserved the right to charge the card on file for any excess accidental damages, or any damage deemed negligent at the discretion of Agent. 

Community Fees: 

Renter understands the community this property is located in charges separate fees for items such as parking, vehicle registration, processing, and daily or monthly resort access. Renter agrees to provide Manager all necessary information needed to register Renter and any occupants with the community. Renter further agrees pay manager any cost for such registration, or fee in a separate transaction no less than 72 hours prior to arrival. 

Property Cleanliness:

Renter must notify Manager within (2) two hours of arrival of any cleanliness concerns. Any submitted photos of cleanliness concerns must show the entire room. Manager at managers discretion only can validate any cleanliness items. Manager may at managers discretion elect to either send a cleaner(s)within 24 hours to address guest concerns or refund a partial cleaning fee. The partial cleaning fee refund if approved by Manager will be at Managers discretion and calculated by the total number of rooms in the house divided by the approved number of rooms approved for a cleaning refund. The calculated percentage will be the total refund for cleanliness issues. Any cleanliness item not directly approved by the Manager will be subject to a $500.00 USD. Fee charged to the card on file. 

Utilities & Services: 

Utilities are included in the cost of this rental. There is no “Land Line”. Pool heat is available between October and April for a daily fee. 


Linens are provided. 

Maintenance & Repairs: 

It is the responsibility of the Renter to promptly notify the Agent the need for any such repair of which the Renter becomes aware. If any repair is required is caused by the negligence of the Renter and/or Renter’s guests, occupants and/or invitees, Renter will have full responsibility in the cost of the repair and/or replacement that may be required. Renter must always keep the Vacation Rental Premises clean and sanitary and remove all rubbish, garbage and other waste, in a clean tidy and sanitary manner to the appropriate refuse disposal area for the community the property is located. Renter must abide by all local recycling regulations. Renter shall properly use and operate all electrical, cooking and plumbing fixtures and to keep them clean and sanitary. If the property has a septic system Renter will ensure only bodily waste and toilet paper are flushed down the toilet. Renter agrees to take proper measures to maintain proper indoor temperature, in order to prevent pipes from freezing as applicable. The Renter shall contact Manager in the event of any repair or maintenance emergency. 


Any and all furnishings provided are the property of the Owner. Renter is expected to exercise care in the use of all items, including ensuring that no wet clothing, shoes, boots, bathing suits are used on flooring or furniture. Renter, guests and invitees are to make sure that sand, where applicable, is cleaned up immediately. All appliances are to be used with care.  Nothing is to be relocated without the permission of the Agent. 

Hold Harmless: 

This Agreement is made upon the express condition that Agent shall not at any time or to any extent whatsoever be liable for, responsible to, or in any way accountable for any loss or injury which at any time may be suffered or sustained by Renter or by any person or persons whom Renter has on the premises. Renter  agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, Agent and its principals, officers, directors, affiliates, agents, employees, attorneys, broker, representatives and Property Owner (collectively referred to in this Agreement as Agent’s “Representatives”) from any and all claims, liabilities (joint or several), loss, damages, deficiencies, judgments, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to attorneys’ fees, interest, penalties, costs and reimbursements) arising out of any such loss, injury, death or damage and that Renter shall look solely to his/her own insurance carrier for seeking relief and/or settlement of any claim.  In addition, Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Agent from any result of Renter’s failure to obtain the required proper insurance and of any consequence thereof.  Renter’s aforesaid indemnity and hold harmless obligations, or portions or applications, thereof shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law and afford the broadest protection allowable. In addition, Agent does not be liable for any liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or their personal property due to forces that are beyond the Agent’s control such as but not limited to poor weather, bad road conditions, natural disasters, power outages, mandatory evacuations, construction, criminal acts of third parties and/or Renter and/or Renters guests or invitees /or “Acts of God.” Agent is not responsible for any inconveniences that may occur to prevent the use of amenities such as but not limited to pools, hot-tubs, television, and Internet. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN DUE TO POOR WEATHER CONDITIONS OR OTHER OCCURRENCES SUCH AS THOSE LISTED HEREIN. 


If the property allows pets and you are bringing a pet, there is a $50 pet fee that will be added to your rental amount due.  Any damage to the leased premises caused by a pet must be immediately repaired, cleaned and/or replaced at the Tenant’s expense (including but not limited to stained carpets, broken window shades or blinds, and scratched and chewed cabinetry).Continual reports of excessive animal noise (such as a barking dog or loud bird) will be grounds for the Agents’s withdrawal of permission to have the pet at the Premises, after which the Tenant will have to remove the pet(s) from the premises immediately or be considered in Breach of the Agreement. 

When outdoors, all pets must be on a leash and under the control of a mature and responsible individual. Pets may not be tethered or left unattended outside at any time. Pets are barred from any community area such as playground, pools’, beaches and game courts. Renter agrees to clean and properly dispose of all pet waste, both inside and outside the rental property, on daily basis. No excrement is to remain on the grounds. Security and/or pet deposits are only refunded after the property has been vacated and examined by the management. 

Service Animals are not pets however provide aid to disabled residents. By law, the Landlord must allow service animals for Tenants who have an apparent or verified need that they require them in order to afford a disabled Tenant fair use and enjoyment of the facilities. Additional deposits and or pet rent are not required for service animals, but Tenant(s) are responsible for cleaning up after the animal. Tenant(s) is also responsible for any damage done to the unit, building or grounds, beyond reasonable wear and tear. Service animals must meet local and state laws for vaccinations. Landlord requires the animal to be housebroken and neutered or spayed. 

Pools, Hot Tub, & Spa: 

If property has a Pool, Hot Tub, and/or a Spa the Renter will use at the Renters own risk. The Landlord will not be responsible for any injuries sustained by the Tenant, and/or the Tenant’s occupants or guests when using the Pool, Hot Tub, and/or a Spa. The Renter must immediately notify the Landlord of any repair that the Pool, Hot Tub, and/or a Spa may require. The Renter is responsible for the full cost that may be due for repair and/or replacement of the Pool, Hot Tub, and/or a Spa that is required because of negligence by the Tenant, or the Tenant’s occupants or guests. No Pets are permitted in the Pool, Hot Tub, and/or a Spa at any time. The Tenant understands that the Pool, Hot Tub, and/or a Spa is strictly an amenity, and that the use of this amenity is not guaranteed under the terms of the Lease. Any interruption or no availability of the use of the will not violate any terms of the Lease. 

Rules and Regulations: 

The Renter is responsible for all guests, occupants, and invitees and must make sure that all rules are followed. Absolutely no smoking is permitted in the Vacation Rental Premises. The Renter may not interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the neighbor. The Renter agrees to abide by any and all rules and regulations of the community the vacation Rental is located within. A copy of which can be provided upon request or from the Communities offices. Garbage must be taken to the designated trash area for the community.  The center hours can be obtained at the Communities offices or provided upon request.  Failure to properly dispose of garbage may result in the loss of your security deposit. The Renter will be responsible for any fine and/or violation that is imposed on the Owner due to the Renter’s failure to abide by the Community rules and regulations and Renter’s negligence. The Renter shall abide by all Federal, State, and Local laws. The Renter shall notify the police and Owner of any illegal activity that is witnessed in or around the Vacation Rental Premises. The Renter agrees not to use the Vacation Rental Premises for any unlawful purpose including but not limited to the sale, use or possession of illegal drugs on or around the Vacation Rental Premises. The Renter must report any malfunction with smoke detector(s) immediately to Owner. The Renter agrees not to remove, dismantle or take any action to interfere with the operation of any smoke detector(s) installed on the Vacation Rental Premises. Absolutely NO hazardous materials are permitted to be in or around the Vacation Rental Premises at any time. The Renter may not use or store Kerosene or space heaters at any time in or around the Vacation Rental Premises. Charcoal and Gas Barbecue grills may not be used inside the Vacation Rental Premises. All windows and doors must remain closed during inclement weather. The Renter shall notify Owner of any pest control problems. The Renter may not store or park a recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle, or watercraft on Vacation Rental Premises without Owner’s written permission. The use of any provided swimming pool or hot tub is at the Renter’s own risk. The Renter further understands that any interruption of use will not alter or change any of the terms of this Agreement. The Renter shall abide by all rules and regulations mandated by any governing Community Rules, Condominium Association or Resort Policy.  A summary of the more important community rules and regulations will be included in your “information packet” and can be obtained at the Communities main office. Agent/Community does not permit loud gatherings. 

A disturbance caused by Renter or Renter’s Occupants or Invitees that 

results in any police action, complaints from neighbors are considered sufficient cause for immediate termination of this agreement and may result in immediate eviction with monies paid being forfeited as permitted by law. 


Renter(s) acknowledge that property amenities are not guaranteed. Manager maintains best efforts to keep property amenities, and enhancements in working order however any amenities are not included in property pricing or subject to any refund for any unavailable status. 

Consent to Receive SMS Text, and/or Mobile Calls: 

Renters agrees to OPT-IN and receive SMS messages, and/or Phone Call to the primary number provided in the reservation. Renter also agrees to OPT-IN and receive marketing messages. Renter may OPT-OUT to marketing messages at any time by replying STOP to any marketing message. 

Privacy Policy: 

We collect personal information about you when you use our platform. Without it, we may not be able to provide all services requested. This information includes: Your first name, last name, phone number, postal address, email address, date of birth, and profile photo, some of which will depend on the features you use. Where appropriate, we may ask you for an image of your government-issued ID (in accordance with applicable laws) or other verification information, and/or a selfie when we verify your ID. If a copy of your ID is provided to us, we will obtain information from your ID. Payment account or bank account information. If you are not an Airbnb user, we may receive payment information relating to you, such as provided payment card to complete a booking. Such as payment instrument used, date and time, payment amount, payment instrument expiration date and billing postcode, PayPal email address, IBAN information, your address, and other related transaction details.

Security not Promised: 

Renter has inspected and acknowledges that all door and window locks, fire extinguishers, security alarm systems and/or carbon monoxide detectors are in sound working order. Renter further understands and acknowledges that although Agent makes every effort to make this home safe and secure, this in no way creates a promise, assurance, guarantee warranty of security. 

Right of Entry: 

Agent reserves the right to inspect the Vacation Rental Premises with advance notice. In the event of an emergency or to make repairs, Agent is permitted to gain entrance to the premises. Renter shall not prevent the Agent for gaining entrance under these circumstances. Agent will not infringe upon the peaceful enjoyment of the Renter(s) and will exercise reasonable notice before entering. 


All cancellations must be made in writing. Renter understands that Agent, by accepting a deposit has given up other opportunities to rent the Premises, therefore, if a reservation is canceled prior to 60 days of arrival, any monies paid will be refunded EXCEPT for the non-refundable deposit equal to 25% of the total reservation. There will be no refund if Renter cancels within 60 days of the Check In date. 


All refunds will be at the discretion of the Agent. Any refund with the express consent in writing by Lavish Keys will be considered a failure to meet the total payment and the card on file will be charged for the applicable amount plus a $100.00 fee. 

Joint and Several Liabilities: 

Renter(s) understand and agree that regardless of if only one Renter has signed this Agreement, each Renter is individually and completely responsible for all obligations of this Agreement. 

Full Force and Effect: 

Counterparts; Facsimile Signatures; Other Electronic Signatures.  This Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts, all of which shall constitute one and the same instrument. Telecopied signatures or signatures exchanged via email transmission in Portable Document Format (.pdf) or other electronic means may be used in place of original signatures on this Agreement, and Renter(s) and Agent intend to be bound by the signatures of the telecopied or emailed or electronically signed Agreement.  

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